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Lights Out Connecticut: Help Save Our Migrating Birds

Lights Out Connecticut: Help Save Our Migrating Birds

Learn how you can join the growing coalition of residents, property owners, businesses, and local partners in Connecticut who pledge to turn off or dim their nonessential lights to protect migratory birds.

Why Lights Out? Each fall and spring, millions of birds pass through Connecticut on their way to and from their summer nesting grounds. Because our state is located on the Atlantic Flyway, many birds use our shorelines and green spaces to rest and refuel along the way. Most migratory birds travel at night, when temperatures are cooler and skies are less turbulent. However, artificial lights from buildings and other structures can attract and disorient birds, leading to fatal window collisions. The result is catastrophic: Almost 1 billion birds killed in the United States every year.
Connecticut residents and business owners have an important role to play in solving this problem. Studies show that by dimming and turning off excess lights at night during peak periods of bird migration, birds gain safe passage through developed areas. Come find out more about how you can help millions of birds migrate safely through our state.

Presented by Craig Repasz, Lights Out Connecticut co-chair and Conservation Chair of the Connecticut Ornithological Association.

Registration required. This event is sponsored by the Al Sanders Memorial Fund and the Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire.

Thursday, March 30, 2023
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Mary Baldwin Room, Main Level
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